AirDuster 115-125, 230  <br>Версія 2.0
AirDuster 115-125, 230
Version 2.0

Reliable, Universal, Convenient

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Свердло для розеток
Socket drill

Even more better now. DDS-W 68, 72, 82

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Диск на виріст
Growth disc

Limited party to 25 years

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Керамограніт будь-якої товщини
Porcelain tile of any thickness

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300 отворів в керамограніті
Significant lifetime over 300 holes

The most profitable Ceramics 70 drill

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Шліфуй кромку без пилу
Grind the edge without dust.

Easy to mount on the stock cover of your angle grinder.

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Центрування та відбір пилу
Centering and dust extraction


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Зніми відео - отримай рукавички!
Take a video - get gloves!

Take a video of the work with a diamond tool Distar, Mechanic and guaranteed to get cool leather gloves.

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Керамограніт тане під сотами
Fastest grinding of porcelain tile

Grinding cup Hard Ceramics

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45° Строго по прямій
45° straight

Blade for ceramics Distar Edge

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Підшліфовуй не знімаючи диска.
Grind without removing the blade

Grinding nut Hard Ceramics

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In honor of the 20th anniversary, the technical specialists of DI-STAR developed a special line of diamond cutting discs BEST-SELLER. The new series includes the most popular and most popular versions of the manufactured instrument TM Distar.