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Di-Star was established in 1994 year. Now we are the biggest manufacturer in Easter Europe and one of the biggest in all Europe. We propose a widest range of diamond tools for construction and stone industry. Diamond tools are produced on our own facilities using the latest automated production lines.  

The deserved popularity of the trademark "Di-Star" is explained by high quality, optimal technical characteristics and a wide range of products:

  • diamond blades for cutting ceramics with angle grinder
  • diamond blades for table saws
  • diamond blades for cutting natural stone with angle grinder and on a stationary machines
  • diamond blades for cutting concrete with angle grinder, petrol saws and floor saws
  • diamond blades for cutting asphalt with floor saws
  • grinding cups for angle grinders and professional grinding machines
  • diamond drills for hand drills and drilling machines
  • devices for diamond tools

We are European leader in the production of innovative professional diamond tools in partnership with the world's leading companies.
Head office "Di-Star"

Throughout its history, our Company pursued a policy of continuous investment in the development of new technologies, new products, and in the purchase of modern high-tech equipment. Every year we invest more than one million US dolars into technical re-equipment, development of production capacities and infrastructure of the Company. Due to this policy now we are using the most advances technologies of diamond tools production, such as: DIAFIX – equidistant positioning of diamond grains into diamond layer applied into production of segmented products. Contact Welding – automatically welds the diamond segments to the core of grinding cup wheel. Laser Welding – the laser beam welds the joint between the diamond segments and tempered steel core, forms a solid durable seam. Hydrogen Inert Technology – sintering of the tools is done in a protective and recovery environments. Hydrogen Inert Technology Line – sintering of the tools is done in a protective and recovery environments on the conveyer line. Hot Forged Technology - the process of sintering occurs in the metal molds under high pressure and temperatures during automated cycle. Double Hot Pressing – the process of double pressing under high temperatures provides maximum density of the diamond layer.


The Company’s stuff is more than 200 people with a high level of engineering, technical and professional education which are united into a single team based on the commitment to the Policy, Values and the Corporate Culture, aimed at implementing the Company's long-term strategy of technical and social development.


                                                  Quality certificates:

  Open ISO  Open EN 13236