Baumesser 1A1RSS Beton Pro


The Baumesser Beton PRO diamond cutting blade is a universal blade for working with all types of concrete. It is should be noted that its use is acceptable when working with non-reinforced and reinforced concrete of any type. In general, the tool is versatile in use and can be used for cutting various building materials.

The blade provides the most stable and high-quality work and has a large resource and productivity at the same time.

Baumesser 1A1RSS/C1-H Beton PRO is designed for use on power cutters and flat saws with a mounting hole of 25.4 mm.

It is available in five variations on the market, with a diameter of 300, 400, 450 and 500 mm. In this case, the height of the diamond layer is 10 mm, except for the last blade, in which it is 15 mm.

Vc. Size ∅
941 2033 8022
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C1-H 300x3,0/2,0x10x25,4-18 F4 Baumesser Beton PRO
941 2000 8028
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C1-H 450x4,0/3,0x10x25,4-26 F4 Baumesser Beton PRO
942 2000 8031
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C2-H 500x4,0/3,0x15x25,4-36 F4 Baumesser Beton PRO