Distar 1A1R Gres Master


It can't be faster.
The new types of granite tiles with increased frost resistance, abrasion resistance are invented every year. Increasingly, 14, 20 mm thick porcelain gres is used. Such materials are very difficult to cut with conventional diamond blades. Take place a burning, a blade deformation, a stop during the cut.
The Gres Master blade is designed especially for such complex application conditions. The involute turbo grooves of the diamond-bearing layer are effectively embedded in the durable material, cooling the cutting zone. The blade is softly penetration even in the thickest gres. 
Due to this high performance, it is the fastest blade from the entire Distar line. The blade will also cut ordinary porcelain gres but at a very high speed.
The quality of the edge is inferior to the Esthete and Decor Slim blades, but very often such cleanliness is not required, especially where the tile joint is cover by a molding.
Available in diameters of 115, 125 mm. Used on angle grinder without the use of coolant.

Vc. Size ∅
111 1516 0009
Size ∅
1A1R 115x1,4x10x22,23 Gres Master
111 1516 0010
Size ∅
1A1R 125x1,4x10x22,23 Gres Master
Distar 1A1R Gres Master