Distar 1A1RSS-W Maestro


Diamond blade DISTAR 1A1RSS-W MAESTRO with turbo segment is intended for cutting natural stone, any kinds of granite, marble, bricks and sandstone and hard rock. Due to the diamond layer height of the 12 mm, it provides the maximum possible lifetime for dry cutting. At the same time, the layer thickness of 2.2 mm allows you to work as quickly and comfortably as possible.

The DISTAR MAESTRO is available in two diameters of 125 and 230 mm. Testing the blade on on 30 mm of Emelianovsky granite, the lifetime is up to 6.3 sq. m. and 230 running meters, with cutting speed of 1.5 m / min.

Can be used with any angle grinder equipped with a standard mounting of 22.2 mm. Due to its turbo segment form, which improves the removal of particles, the blade works best with angle grinder with an average power of 2.2 kW.

Vc. Size ∅
123 1505 1010
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3-W 125x2,2/1,3x12x22,23-10 Maestro H12
123 1505 1017
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3-W 230x2,6/1,8x12x22,23-16 Maestro