Baumesser DGS-S Beton UNI


Performance becomes available. 
It is presented in a classic form with a two-row diamond segment. This tool is used for rough grinding of surfaces made of ordinary and reinforced concrete, concrete-mosaic surfaces, and removing the influx of concrete after filling the formwork. 
The cup wheel has excellent high-speed grinding characteristics at a very affordable price.
This is the best solution for home use or small amounts of work. 
The grinding cup wheel has two rows of diamond segments mounted on a light metal body.
It is used on manual angle grinders when grinding without cooling. 
It is manufactured in two outer diameters 100 and 125 mm with a mounting hole of 22.2 mm

Vc. Size ∅
970 1549 5005
Size ∅
DGS-S 100/22,23-14 Baumesser Beton UNI
970 1549 5010
Size ∅
DGS-S 125/22,23-14 Baumesser Beton UNI