Distar GS-W Vortex


Diamond cup wheel DGS-W Vortex has been specially designed to work with medium and high strength concrete. In addition, it is possible to work with fiber reinforced concrete and any types of granite. 

Available in three different variations, the difference between which is the grain size, N00 / 30, N0 / 40, N2 / 50. There are 6 diamond segments on the Distar Vortex grinding cup wheel, each with the following parameter 24x12x6, due to which it gained popularity for jobs with average volumes up to 700 m.sq.

The DGS-W Vortex is universal in use. Ideal for work with heavy and medium concrete. Thanks to its advantages combined with low cost and long-term functioning, it becomes an indispensable helper to construction companies.

Vc. Size ∅
169 2312 1004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-6 №2/50 Vortex
169 2312 0004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-6 №0/40 Vortex
169 2311 9004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-6 №00/30 Vortex