Mechanic DUSTER 45 115-125


Clean 45
Cutting ceramic tiles with an angle grinder goes with a lot of dust. Especially, a lot of dust is appeared when cutting ceramic tiles at an angle of 45 degrees, because more material is removed.
The device for angle grinder DUSTER 45 completely solves the problem of dust removal, almost all the dust goes into the vacuum cleaner. In addition to removing dust, the device has two other huge advantages:
-The system moves on a plastic support. There is no need to hold the angle grinder on weight for a long time, which relieves the hand. Much more work can be done without tiredness.
-The accessory pipe has a window that allows visually control the cutting process and be sure that the process is going as it should.
Tile grinding with the DUSTER 45 will be clean, comfortable and controlled.
The DUSTER 45 is universal. Adjustable for any 115, 125 angle grinders.

Vc. Size ∅
714 1903 1025
Size ∅
DUSTER 45 115-125
Mechanic DUSTER 45 115-125