Mechanic EasyFIX 70


EasyFIX 70
Easy drilling.
Drilling holes in porcelain gres is a responsible operation that requires high
precision and accuracy. Vibrations, incorrect position of the tool often lead to the
displacement of the hole, deviation of the shape, increased produced chipping.
EasyFix 70 drilling template is an excellent solution for drilling holes. The
rubber suction cup securely fixes the template on both horizontal and vertical
surfaces. The drill body, relying on the template guide, accurately and gently
drilled into the material.
It can be used for drilling with a drill or an angle grinder.
The template has a compact design, does not take up much space.
Allows drilling holes up to 70 mm in diameter. The template also has
additional holes for convenient centering of small diameter drills from 5 to 12 mm.

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795 6844 2016
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EasyFIX 70
Mechanic EasyFIX 70