Mechanic SLIDER 45 Version 2.0


45 degrees? It's easy!!!
45 degrees angle finishing becomes more and more popular during the tile-laying processing.
Such type of joint has a better aesthetic appearance comparing with direct joint and joint covered with different types of tile profiles.
However, the tile cutting at 45 degrees is quite a time-consuming process. New version 2.0 of the Slider 45 for angle grinder 115-125. The cutting tiles at 45 degrees is even easier and simpler now!
- The accessory attachment is easily installed on the standard casing of the angle grinder for both 125 and 115 angle grinders.
- Use the scale to adjust the size of the angle cutting for your tasks.
- The increased size of the surface and stiffening ribs of the accessory is to ensure the precise positioning of the blade relative to the tile.
- A system of elimination of a gap – edge repeatability.
- Ergonomic plastic screws ensure precise adjustment.

Vc. Size ∅
195 6844 2113
Size ∅
SLIDER 45x115-125 2.0
Mechanic SLIDER 45 Version 2.0