Baumesser DDS-W Krone PRO


Krone PRO
Holes for sockets in brick, aerated concrete, concrete are often make's by carbide or, as they are also called crowns containing tungsten monocarbide. Such crowns can only work in perforation mode. Working with perforation is an extremely undesirable condition for both the construction and the person:
- impact loads causes microcracks into the walls, reduce their load-bearing capacity, destroy the drill itself, and cutting elements are to fall off;
- often impacts lead to the displacement of holes, in which it is difficult to install the socket block later;
- vibrations negatively affect the operator himself, and his health;
- the drilling speed of a hard alloy crown is lower than a diamond crowns, especially when it makes on concrete.
The Krone PRO diamond bit for sockets is a great alternative to hard alloy crowns. With such crowns drilling is gentle and productive. The load on the operator's hands is minimal, it's a pleasure to work with it!
Available in three diameters: 68, 72, 82 mm with an M16 seat for installing the adapter. The drill bit operates in a dry non-impact mode.
- for drilling of holes for sockets on hammer drills and drills in a dry non-impact mode
- for drilling holes in brick, foam concrete, light non-reinforced concrete
- high speed and resource in the specified materials

Vc. Size ∅
979 8400 8079
Size ∅
DDS-W 68x65-4xM16 Krone PRO
979 8400 8080
Size ∅
DDS-W 72x65-4xM16 Krone PRO
979 8400 8083
Size ∅
DDS-W 82x65-4xM16 Krone PRO
Baumesser DDS-W Krone PRO