Distar DDS-W Concrete X


To drill it all
When drilling holes for air conditioning or electrical wiring, the material of walls may differ significantly on each construction site. The main requirement for a drill in such conditions is the ability to cope with various building materials. The drill should drill equally fast through any material such as a brick wall, aerated concrete, as well as concrete of various grades and properties.
These are the properties that were in mind when designing this product. 
Diamond grains in the segment are equally spaced which ensures high and stable drilling speed. The laser-welded segment withstands high thermal and mechanical stress thanks to the cooling holes on the drill body.
To remove dust, we recommend using the DrillDUSTER 82 TM MECHANIC dust extractor.
The drill has a length of 320 mm with an M16 tool bore. It is used on diamond drills in a non-impact mode without cooling. The rotation frequency should be 1500-3000 rpm and a power of 1.6 kW. Use extension bars to increase the drilling depth.

Vc. Size ∅
179 8454 0073
Size ∅
DDS-W 52x320-4xМ16 Concrete X
179 8454 0077
Size ∅
DDS-W 62x320-5xМ16 Concrete X
Distar DDS-W Concrete X