Drilling gel Baumesser CoolGEL 250


Clean drilling
Drilling holes in porcelain gres is always accompanied by contamination of the working zone. If it is dry drilling, then a large amount of dust is creating. In the case of drilling with coolant – a stream of dirty water. All these factors complicate the process, make it uncomfortable, and you need to clean the workplace at last.
There is a solution – cooling gel for drilling CoolGEL. After marking the working surface, the gel is applying to the area of the future hole. During drilling, the gel absorbs the cutting products, binding them, to prevent them to spread around. In addition, there is an effective cooling of the drill bit take place, which is so good as water cooling. This increases the drilling speed and keeps the drill bit's life high. After drilling, it is enough to wipe the drilling area with a napkin, and everything is clean and dry.
Due to its thick consistency, the gel can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
It works best for drill bits with a diameter of up to 35 mm.
Available in a container weighing 250 g, which is enough for about 20-25 holes. The main components are water and additives, that improve drilling. The gel is completely safe for health even if it gets on the human skin.

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Охлаждающий гель для сверления CoolGEL 250
Drilling gel Baumesser CoolGEL 250