Distar DGM-S Extra Active


Diamond cup wheel DISTAR FAT-M EXTRA ACTIVE is a versatile tool for handling a wide range of building materials. In particular, it is an ideal solution for grinding surfaces of concrete, paving slabs, bricks, sandstones, concrete mosaic products. It is also applicable to marble, and in rare cases it can be used to work with granite.

The EXTRA ACTIVE cup wheel is designed to work in combination with angle grinder without further cooling. It is used to a large extent for decorative grinding of various building materials. Provides maximum soft and comfortable grinding of surfaces with high frequency.
We recommend the use of angle grinder with the possibility of adjusting the speed.

The 100 mm diameter cup wheel is available in two variations, with an attachment for standard angle grinder with mounting 22.23 mm, as well as with threaded flange M14.

Vc. Size ∅
174 1502 9005
Size ∅
DGM-S 100/22,23-15 №00 Extra-Active