Mechanic AirCHASER 115-125 2.0


AirCHASER 115-125 2.0
You get the ready groove. Adjust the depth and cut without dust.
For laying of wiring makes the groove (slots) in the walls, ceilings, in which electrical wires and cables are placed. You need to cut two parallel cuts with a diamond blade to do this. Often, using special wall chaser machine for grooving, that doing this 2x faster and with a minimum of dust.
However, this method has several disadvantages, which are solved by using a special accessory attachment on the angle grinder.
There is no need to purchase an expensive wall chaser machine. 
New version 2.0 of the accessory attachment
Improved mounting system – the accessory attachment is easily and quickly installed on both 125- and 115-mm angle grinder. 
Ergonomic clamping knobs for adjusting and fixing the depth.
The accessory attachment has a remote washer and a clamping nut, allowing you to install two blades at once. The width of the groove is 12 mm.

Vc. Size ∅
195 6844 2224
Size ∅
AirCHASER 115-125 2.0
Mechanic AirCHASER 115-125 2.0