Mechanic DrillDUSTER 82 2.0


Dust is the biggest difficulty and inconvenience, arising during building and construction works or repair. Dust negatively affects respiratory airways, obstructs the view, a large amount of cleaning activities is needed. Drilling creates a considerable amount of dust.
The 2nd version of the DrilDUSTER 82 dust collector represents an effective solution against dust during drilling.
The collector is securely fixed to different surfaces, such as a concrete wall, brick masonry, glazed tile, due to the soft seal and lightweight.
The new version is made with flexible plastic, which significantly increases the product life cycle. The collector carries falling from a height, strikes, high loading.
The collector has a centering pad, which helps to make faster drilling on the surface.
The height of that pad allows using not only for drilling by drill but for widespread ceramic drilling with an angle grinder.
The maximum drilling diameter is 82 mm.

Vc. Size ∅
195 6844 2027
Size ∅
DrillDUSTER 82 2.0
Mechanic DrillDUSTER 82 2.0